Reasons To Be Cheerful and An Amusing Poem ………. Day 68 of 100

At first, I thought it was going to be difficult to find something to be cheerful about today.  We have had the General Election and the country seems to be totally dissatisfied with the result ……… at least it seems that way if you are on Twitter.  I have never seen such vitriol and nasty mud-slinging and this has saddened me beyond reason.  I do not understand why people must be so horrid about others ………..

Twitter is usually my happy place ….. a refuge of fun and silliness and friendship.  I can’t believe that I began to find the inane  ‘baby pics’  and  ‘inspirational quotes’  on ‘Farcebook’   preferable to good old Twitter.

The tribalism and bullying depressed me so much…… and that, coupled with a horrid cold that I have somehow caught, made me sink into the depths of despair.

Plus, I have been struggling with my health in general.  I have some new medication that, I have been told, will make me feel wretched and sick for an hour each time I take it …….What on earth was there to be  ‘glad’  about ?

But then my  ‘Pollyanna’  spirit rose to the surface ……. To hell with Twitter and all the doom and gloom ….to heck with  misery too.   I will keep away from social media for a few days …… I will pull myself together …..

I have a lot to be happy about …..

I have my family, who make me smile every day.  My daughter phones me often, with tales of all the funny things that my grand-children do and say.

I have a wedding to look forward to …. a happy, family time when we will all be gathered together …..

I have my wonderful best friend ….who always lifts my mood, is always there for me  and offers a shoulder to cry on whenever I need it.

Summer is on its way …. a time of endless possibilities …… so….. onwards and upwards we go.  Lets make a list of all that has made us happy this week …… here’s mine ….

  1. Family.
  2. My best friend.
  3. I found the perfect shoes to complete my wedding outfit.
  4. In two short weeks I will be at my daughter’s, preparing for her wedding.
  5. Lava Java coffee.
  6. Window shopping.
  7. Deliciously sweet English strawberries.
  8. The lovely friends on Twitter ……. ….. the ones that DON’T say nasty things about others. You know who you are !
  9. The scent of freshly cut grass.
  10. YSL  ‘Paris’  perfume.

So, that’s my list ……where’s yours ?


In case you are feeling a little  ‘down’  too,  I thought I would reblog this rather silly poem that I wrote as an entry for the Countdown Word Game,  some time ago.     I hope it makes you smile …..


I was feeling some elation,

We were nearing our salvation,

Though the beach still seemed a hundred miles away.

We were bruised and we were battered,

To be frank, we both were knackered

And had doubted we would make it through the day.

We had clambered up on board,

With a veritable hoard

Of life-preservers, sheets and cleats and charts.

Because, crazy it may seem,

We had both harboured a dream

To leave these shores and sail to foreign parts.

But, instead of gently sailing,

I had spent the whole day baling,

‘Cos I’m sure the boat had, somehow, sprung a leak.

I could not see the pleasure

In drowning, at my leisure.

Though I’m sorry if that makes me sound a freak.

The wind had not abated.

We really should have waited,

Before attempting such a voyage as this.

We were not such able sailors,

Used to trawlers and huge whalers

Though Ben still relives the time he caught a fish.

The water was so choppy,

That Ben’s hands became all floppy.

And he lost an oar and round and round we went.

I tried to reach the oar,

But it drifted to the shore

Even though I pushed and pulled till I was spent.

On a big yacht, sat two hotties,

Wearing sunhats shaped like pottie

And a haughty, costive sneer upon their lips.

So, though our listing was alarming,

I cried in tones, quite charming,

“Should we abandon ship, before it tips ?”

The relief made my brow sweaty

When we made it, to the jetty

And, exhaustedly, I commented to Ben,

” This boating, I’m not hearting,

Next time, let’s try karting !”

And the man called   ” Time’s up! Come in number ten!”

This is my entry for this week’s Countdown Word Game.
You can write anything at all, in verse or prose, as long as you include the following words;



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