Neither Up Nor Down …….. Day 67 of 100

Well, the country has decided ……..

The votes have been cast and counted ……

And the Conservative Party has a clear majority.

Though it appeared that the population disliked the Tory government ……. it seems that they disliked the prospect of a Labour one even more.

I must confess that I am neither up nor down about this result …..there is precious little, in my opinion, to choose between the two.

I understand that the austerity and swingeing benefit cuts of the Tory government are hard to take ….but I do not believe it would have been much better under a Labour administration.  Things would not have magically changed over-night and anyone who believes otherwise is extremely naive.

Okay….so I am  disillusioned with British politics ….I am old enough to have seen governments of various colours come and go, so perhaps I am entitled to be a little cynical.

But,  until we change the system or select better candidates or ……. oh I don’t know …… flipping well get up off our arses and stand for parliament ourselves …… this is how it will be.

On my Twitter timeline I see so many  ‘doom and gloom’  comments ……..

For goodness sake …… stop flipping well whining …… if you don’t like the way things are … FIND A BETTER WAY …



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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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4 Responses to Neither Up Nor Down …….. Day 67 of 100

  1. Interestingly, a better way was described in detail over 130 years ago. People didn’t listen then. They’re not listening now. They’d rather believe that nothing better is possible.


    • rosiewrites2 says:

      Yes…. I’m afraid apathy reigns …..
      I was quite militant in my youth …. Sadly I didn’t follow it through ..therefore I’m not whining…..
      I continue to do the best I can with what I’m dealt.


  2. denis1950 says:

    Same in Australia Rosie. The major political parties are irrelevant. They connect with wealthy powerful, tiny minority elites and do not address the impending surge of climate change. At least labour here have elements of social conscience, the conservatives are simply amoral. Only the Greens stand between anarchy and some sanity.


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