Making My Mind Up ………. Day 61 of 100


Well, here we are, the last weekend before we go to the polls.

On Thursday 7th May the UK makes the momentous decision about the future of the country and who will be governing it for the next 5 years.

I have my Polling Card.

I know where my Polling Station is.

I’m all set.

But …….and its a big BUT …..I still have no clear idea who will get my vote !

Yes, really !

Even after listening to campaign speeches, debates and media rhetoric.  After perusing election leaflets and reading snippets of the parties’  Manifestos; I have come to the conclusion that there is barely a hair’s width between them.

In my time I have voted for various parties.  I do not understand the blind, mob-type, tribal following of people who always vote for the  “same old, same old” …regardless of policy and previous records.

And I have never understood the mentality of those who say,

” Oh my goodness, I can’t possibly have  ‘them’  as a  friend/lover/neighbour/Twitter follower,  because  ‘they’  vote  Tory/Labour/Liberal/Green ”

As a dear Twitter friend wrote in her excellent blog …..this article will probably lose me many  Twitter  ‘followers’  or Facebook  ‘friends’ ….but I don’t care.  I write my blog posts  MY way and people are not forced to read them.

And so it seems that I am reduced to voting for the lesser of all the evils …….. For  the candidate who will, in my opinion, do least harm.  And that is hardly a satisfactory state of affairs.

I live in a  ‘safe’  Conservative ward. Our MP is the well-known  David Davis and it is highly unlikely that he will be usurped and find himself  ‘jobless’  when the votes have been counted on the morning of 8th May.  He is actually a hard-working chap …a real  ‘man-of-the-people’ , no matter whether you are Tory or not. He has done a lot of good things for the area and helped many people ….but I cannot agree with his dislike of wind-farms and his campaign against their development ….it smacks of  NIMBY-ism and that is something I hate.

I’m not going to outline all my beliefs …my financial position…. status…. etc.  Suffice to say, I believe in a fairer society,; a society that helps the poor without penalising those who have made a success of their lives.  I believe in a caring government, that supports those who are unable, through disability, illness or old age, to support themselves….but a government that does not set the  ‘haves’  against the  ‘have-nots’  in an attempt to divert attention from shady dealings.  I want sensitive handling of asylum-seekers and compassionate immigration policies ………. I believe in equality for all ……  I guess I am still an  ‘idealist’ ……but what is wrong with that ?

So, you can see that I can’t agree with all the Labour Party’s policies nor Liberal ones either.

In fact, do we actually know the truth about their policies ?   So many TV interviews have shown the politicians  ‘shilly-shallying’  …….. avoiding giving a straight answer or daring to  ‘Tell it like it is ‘.

They all appear to be terrified of  doing the wrong thing;  being caught on someone’s mobile phone camera or video and ending up going  ‘viral’  on YouTube and Twitter.

But, I believe we should all exercise our right to vote.  People fought and died for that privilege and we should never forget that.  So here is what I propose ……

I think we should have an extra little box at the bottom of our voting papers.  Somewhere where we could express our dissatisfaction with the candidates.  Its not enough to deliberately  ‘spoil our papers’ …. we need something official.

A way of showing those in power that


We  DO want to come out and vote ……..we are NOT disinterested and apathetic …… an indication that we are NOT TOO LAZY to get out of bed.  but something that tells the politicians that we want


And those votes should be counted properly.

The saying goes that  …” The country gets the government it deserves ” ………..

With all the vitriol; back-stabbing and name-calling I see all around me….. I’m not sure that is an encouraging thought.


If you would like to read my Twitter friend’s most excellent blog post…where she puts into words my feelings …but in a much more eloquent way than my feeble article ….you will find it on

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4 Responses to Making My Mind Up ………. Day 61 of 100

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    I have a keen interest in UK politics. I am a Anglophile and what happens in the UK impacts the world. I would be voting Labour but I don’t have anything against David Cameron. Your local races impact you more than the national because all politics is local anyway.


  2. msalliance says:

    So true. I’d like a “None of the above,” too but what would happen if there were a landslide in favour of that?


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