Beginning To Feel I’m “Part of the Village” ………… Day 49 of 100

I’m sure I have mentioned how much I enjoy living in this pretty village.  And now that the trees are beginning to burst into blossom, its even prettier.

We have a particularly spectacular cherry tree that adorns one of the grassy areas, alongside the main road.  I’m sure that people come from far and wide, just to look at it …..and if they don’t, they damn well should !

I took this photo yesterday….but the weather was disappointingly overcast….


Today is gloriously sunny so I would go and take another picture,  but I am stuck indoors while the boiler is being serviced ……so I give you this photo of the gorgeous tree , taken last year …..


Isn’t it wonderful ….and reminds me of one of the poems I learnt at Junior School …..many, many years ago……….

“Spring Goeth all in White” by Robert Seymour Bridges.

I’m not sure if I am allowed to reproduce it here so I will just give you this link      ……… I really hope that link works.


As you know, I have lived here for almost 3 years now.  it is a lovely place but ……. I have never really felt that I truly fitted in.

I am, in many ways, rather unconventional.   I don’t dress in the  ‘twin-set-and-tweeds’  uniform that is sported by the majority of women around here.  I don’t drive a  four-wheel-drive vehicle.  I don’t have the short, rather boring, helmet-style hairdo …….. I’m definitely more  “down wid da kids”  than is usual for someone of my advanced years.

However, I have a great community spirit and, wherever else I have lived, I have always been  INVOLVED  in  events.  I have been on committees and organised Dog Shows and manned a  stall at a Fete,  etc. etc. So I have missed being  “in the thick” of things.  Its a little lonely when you’re  outside, looking in.

Well… seems that I may have, finally, been accepted …….. because, after offering to help sell programmes during the Scarecrow Festival  (which is held in July) …..I have been invited to sit on the committee !!!!

So, I shall be attending the next committee meeting ………. and  I am ridiculously pleased.


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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