Reasons to be Cheerful ………. Day 39 of 100


Well, dear readers, here we are again ……. its Friday and time for another  “Pollyanna”  post !

I hope you are not too bored with my   ‘Reasons to be cheerful’  posts …..I do think we should all try to count our blessings occasionally.

Its been a  rather strange week …a mixture of good and bad ….  I’m sure you know the feeling …….

But my main reason to be happy is definitely the huge improvement in my injured knee ……. However,  I’m certain you are all bored to tears with it, and who can blame you …… so without further ado I will present my list for this week and leave it at that ………

  • Living in this lovely village ……. its so pretty and peaceful and I feel very fortunate.
  • Sunshine …… we have had so many gorgeously sunny days this week and that makes everything seem better.
  • Magnolia trees ….. they are bursting into bloom and, even though I know that late frosts will turn the beautiful white flowers to brown, wet-lettucey misery, I am enjoying the sight while I can.
  • The scent of freshly cut grass ……. lawns all over the village are sporting brand new haircuts.
  • My best friend ….. I know I say this every week, but I am so  grateful and blessed to have such a caring person in my life.
  • Hair accessories by ……. their fabulous clips have made even my very fine hair look glamourous in a week where I have felt decidedly drab.
  • The return of  “Bates Motel” on TV ….I know, I know ….but its silly escapism and I enjoy it.
  • Blogging on WordPress and the lovely fellow bloggers who are so generous with their  “likes” and comments.  Thank you !

So there you have it ….. how does it compare with your list, I wonder.

IMGP0031          IMGP0020


About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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