Acceptance …………. Day 26 of 100

A couple of my cross-stitch pictures need to be re-framed. They were done a long time ago ….probably about 20 years ….and the once-perfectly-flat pieces of aida cloth have succumbed to gravity;  slipped down in the frame and become rather  ‘bumpy’ … you can see in these photos ……..

IMAG0225        IMAG0229 (1)

So I am taking them out of their frames; pressing them and generally making the stitch-work look neat again.

And this makes me more than a little wistful ……. because I used to do such delicate needlework; such fine embroidery and cross-stitch.

Long ago, before years of grooming dogs took such a toll on my arthritic hands,  I completed dozens of cross-stitch projects; embroidered napkins, cushions and table-cloths for gifts. I loved sewing.

Now I can’t hold a sewing needle for any length of time.  Oh,…I can replace a lost button or something like that…..but, that’s about it.  And that makes me sad.

But I try not to think about the things I can no longer do ……..hand-stitching; roller-skating (arthritic knees); cycling; running round the show-ring with a dog ……….

Instead I am trying to accept the status quo and concentrate on what I CAN do.  At least I can continue to be creative with my painting, writing and occasional knitting.  There are so many people who are so much worse off …………I must stop moaning.


The leaflets for the impending General Election have begun to arrive. This was from the Conservative Party and went straight into the recycling bin.


 But, I am not playing favourites ….. any correspondence from  the other parties will probably follow the ill-fated Tory leaflet.

I am totally disillusioned with all the parties  ……. I think that, nowadays, they are all the same, in different hats.

This grieves me, because I believe we should all exercise our right to vote.  But I have absolutely no idea who I shall vote for in May.

I don’t usually blog about politics ….and this isn’t really a political piece …..but I wish I could believe that politicians are NOT all self-serving.

Maybe someone can persuade me …………….  ?


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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