Fruit of the Vine ………. Day 24 of 100


Is it just me, or are tomatoes a bit rubbishy at the moment ?

I eat a healthy diet, which includes lots of fresh vegetables, salads and plenty of fruit, so I buy a lot of tomatoes. But, I have noticed that they don’t seem to have the flavour or the aroma that I remember.  You know…that glorious, warm tomatoey scent and the juicy, mouth-watering taste that almost overwhelms your taste-buds.

Instead, no matter how expensive they are, they have a woolly texture.  They are tough-skinned and tasteless …. sometimes even bitter …..watery and disappointing.

I buy the best I can find …..always still  ‘on the vine’  because, apparently, they have more flavour …… but NO …..they don’t.

I’m convinced that this is because we are eating the tomatoes  ‘out of season’.

Everything has been   ‘forced’  and imported so that we can now have strawberries in December and sprouts in July. But our demand for this freedom of choice means that flavour suffers.

When I was a girl ……eons ago ….we never saw a tomato until the summer.  But, oh my ….they were worth the wait.



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2 Responses to Fruit of the Vine ………. Day 24 of 100

  1. msalliance says:

    I try and eat seasonal produce whenever I can because it really does taste better then. But it’s not always possible: imagine winter with only parsnips and leeks!

    With tomatoes, though, I heard that keeping them in the fridge or at temperatures under 4 deg C makes them lose their taste, so I never keep them in the fridge. This really helps. My new kitchen is going to incorporate a pantry where I shall keep tomatoes and eggs outside the fridge.

    I buy most of my veg through a box delivery every week and most, not all but most, is UK grown and none is airfreighted. I’m really happy with veg produced in this more sustainable way for a lot of reasons but mainly because you can taste the difference.


    • Rosie says:

      I also keep tomatoes and eggs well away from the fridge.
      I used to get a veg box at my old house……I must look into it.
      I agree about the drearyness of always having only seasonal fruit and veg…..I don’t really want to return to that ……its just the flipping tomatoes ….


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