A Bit of a Mixed Bag ……….. Day 22 of 100

I’m not really feeling  ‘in the mood’ today.

I have a few thing on my mind and my health is also giving me cause for concern.

I can’t seem to concentrate and I have SO much to do ….so this blog post will be a bit of a mish-mash …..a rather mixed bag.


Our grass was cut today, for the first time this year.   Oh wait….I should really qualify that remark. It was, in fact, given a rather slap-dash, cursory chop, two weeks ago. But the grass was very wet and long and resulted in the lawn looking as though it had been chewed by a toothless brontosaurus.

So this time it was done  ‘properly’ …..or, at least, that was the idea.

But it was still rather wet, despite a spell of dry weather and so the desired  ‘stripes’  have not really been successful.



The grass looks patchy and sorry for itself. It definitely needs a tonic. It hasn’t wintered well at all.

I know how it feels …………


It is my younger sister, Carole’s,  birthday today.

I know I am a few years older, but didn’t really think about it very much.  She has always been one of my  ” younger sisters”.

It was only when FaceBook informed me that she is 63 today, that I realised how flipping old I actually am.

Bugger !!!


And now the dreadful news of a plane crash in the French Alps is filtering through.

It appears that 16 school-children and two  teachers were among the passengers, who have sadly all lost their lives.

I need to pull myself together and stop moaning ………. In the face of such tragedy, I need to realise how lucky I am. We should all learn to count our blessings more often.

About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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