Mending Fences and Building Walls ………….. Day 16 of 100


Yesterday my neighbour’s garden fence was repaired.

This must be the sixth time since last Summer; when a few, very dilapidated, rotting panels were replaced in an otherwise sound structure.

Obviously, the job was not done properly,  because the new section collapsed during a Summer thunderstorm ,a scant two weeks after installation.

Since then, whenever we have had more than a slight breeze …….. down it’s come.  In fact I’m sure the local cats, who delight in perching on walls and other barricades to survey the garden birds, are afraid to sit on said fence in case it buckles and plummets to the ground beneath their weight.

It has become a subject of much interest in the community. People joke about it and make bets with each other on how long the fence will remain upright before the next tumble.  I feel great sympathy with the owner;  a gentle, rather fragile old lady.  I’m sure the fencing contractors are cheating her; they could, surely, do a better job.  But, apparently they are  ‘friends of a friend’  and she won’t hear a word against them.

So the new panels continue to become detached, with increasing regularity,  from the inadequate, measly, ridiculously skimpy new fencing posts.  And all the while, the old  posts and original, sturdy panels remain erect, looking down on the  ‘newcomers’ with haughty disdain, as though to say,

” We are the original and best. We are quality. We are solid. You are cheap upstarts”

Which rather sums up the attitude of many in this village……….



All this talk of  ‘mending fences’  has brought to mind one of my favourite poems.

MENDING WALL” by Robert Frost ………

I learnt this at school and it still relevant today.

We all build walls and barriers around ourselves ….. don’t we ?

Sometimes it is a form of self-preservation. ……….  Don’t let people get close and then you can’t be hurt………

We live in a society that shares so much on the internet and yet our doors are always locked.  We hide away.  Our children are shut indoors……. not allowed out for fear of  ‘strangers’.

We build walls …literally and metaphorically.

Yes …… I will ponder on this …..

I feel there is more to be said, another day.

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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