A Better Day …………. Day 15 of 100


Today, at least in my little corner of the world, Spring is really springing !

Daffodils nod and smile in the sunlight;  leaves are beginning to open on swaying branches and i can hear the steady hum of a mower as, somewhere nearby, a lawn is having its first haircut of the year.

The birds are singing; chirping and flirting in the hedgerow. Soon, no doubt,  they will be bustling about with twigs and other nest-building material.

The warmer  air has an aroma of something indefinable; the scent of new growth and fresh cut grass.

The year is definitely  “at the Spring”………

Though it is not my favourite season, Spring makes me smile.

I have this vision in my head, of the northern hemisphere shaking itself and yawning. Rising after a long, deep sleep; brushing away cobwebs and opening windows. Putting Winter clothes away and donning a pretty garb of green grass and yellow flowers, topped with a bonnet of fluffy white clouds and blue satin ribbons.

There is a feeling that things are starting anew …… past mistakes wiped out .  We have a clean slate; a blank page; a promise of endless possibilities.

Yesterday I was filled with aches and pains; sadness, yearning and ennui.

But Spring fills me with hope.

Today is a better day.

IMAG0161           IMAG0158


About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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