Only Dreaming ……… Day 7 of 100

I do have some very strange dreams. I’m sure we all do.

Most of them are  ‘ordinary’  dreams ….the type that disappear as soon as I wake.  or the memory fades very quickly and I am unable to recall very much at all.  Maybe just a fleeting glimpse or tiny scrap of a vision remains.

However, I also  ‘lucid dream’ ….which means that it is difficult to distinguish the dream from reality and  the dream is  very memorable. Sometimes the memory of it lasts for days or even weeks; then reoccurs and I seem to take up from the place where I had previously woken. Its all very weird, but I am used to it now.

Last night, I had a lucid dream and it is still with me in all its vivid glory, now.

I was in many huge abbeys and cathedrals…..most of which were in varying states of repair.  And some were little more than vast ruins. There was no sense of foreboding, despite the huge piles of darkened stones and cavernous interiors.  Oh no; in fact it was all very light and there was a sort of busy  ‘buzz’  around and about the various buildings.

It transpired that I was on some huge site which had no less than twenty-seven such edifices scattered around and I was in charge of their restoration. I guess I was either an architect or civil engineer or maybe just the Clerk of Works… was never really determined.  All I know is that people were hanging on my every word and doing my bidding. …..No change there then ….hehehe.

But I digress…….

Apparently many of the abbeys were nearing completion and successfully returned to their former glory…….. and there now remained one more major project and a few smaller ones.  Then the whole place would become a sort of  ‘heritage site’….but open to the paying public.

I was walking through that last, huge abbey….I called it Rosedale Abbey……though I have actually been to Rosedale Abbey and its a village in North Yorkshire and does not even vaguely resemble my dream.

Anyway, I can still feel the stone blocks of the flooring, beneath my feet,  and see the walls and blackened roof timbers high above my head. I can still hear my words to my companion as we discussed the next stage of the operation. I can see the scaffolding, and the workmen and smell the coffee they were sipping as they took a break. My hands still feel cool from the touch of the rough, ancient  rocks that had tumbled and lay around what was once the transept of a grand, vaulted cathedral.  I can smell the damp on the moss covered walls and sense a thousand years of history.

And I can still see ….over in one corner…… people swiftly bustling up and down the white,  brightly lit,  marble steps that led down to the concourse of the Grand Central Station in New York………………………..



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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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