Growing Up ………….. Day 6 of 100

Today has been busy ….well busy-ish.

I’m going to visit my Dad, in Hampshire, later this week and so there are a few things to sort out first.

Naturally there is the packing….proceeded, of course, by the decisions about which clothes to take.  Its only a three day trip but, as any woman knows, the various permutations and combinations of outfits and accessories are infinite.

But also there is the question of my dear canine companion Carys.  She cannot accompany me as my Father does not have the facilities for a dog. But she never stays in kennels …..oh no ……   She goes for a  ‘holiday’ of her own at my son’s house.  There, she is spoiled and indulged and gets to do all the things she would never even dream of doing here.

So, this morning I took her and her luggage, food, bed,  leads etc. over to Airmyn.  And the first thing she did was leap onto the sofa and then stare at me with that haughty “See what I can do”  expression that Afghan Hounds have.

Anyway, it is always a delight to visit my son and daughter-in-law and, of course, my lovely grand-children.  But something struck me today ………..

Over the years, whenever I have visited, the kids have been there.  Ready to tell me about their day;  perhaps hang around to see if I have brought sweets or other little treats.  Show me their latest toy or newest pair of shoes. Something like that.

But that was when they looked like this ……

FB_IMG_1425833488285However,  now they are growing up and off doing their own thing.

Natasha had just returned from a sleepover at her friend’s, where they had done each other’s nails and eyebrows.  Caitlin was out with her boyfriend and Ian was at rugby training ….he plays for Goole Town Rugby Club.

Yes, they are rapidly growing up, becoming young adults, taking their place in the world.  I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.

Incidentally…..this is how they look now ……..

 FB_IMG_1425825089551   IMG_20140606_0017746

No doubt I shall tell you more about them and their exploits in later posts …….


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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