A Photo a Day for 100 Days …… Day 97


97 of 100

Every day, for the past two and a half years, on Twitter,  the #birthdaybaton has been passed to someone who is celebrating a birthday.

This all began when the lovely @Sunshine_Cazz , whose birthday is on January 1st, thought it would be a lovely idea if fellow tweeters could pass greetings to each other, day by day, throughout the year. Of course, as is usual, those with good ideas end up running things themselves ……..

So, for the first year, Cazz took it upon herself to search out anyone with a birthday on practically every day !

Of course, this is a lot of work and when that year ended I took over, to give Cazz a break.

Now in its third year, I am still distributing greetings to people each morning, with Cazz’s very welcome help.

I don’t think we realised how huge this would become …………the baton is passed to people all over the world, from Coventry to California; Canberra and Kuala Lumpur.  Tewksbury to Tokyo.  Manchester to Mississippi. Swansea, Stockholm, Belfast, Berlin and Glasgow to Gdansk.

I have a  #birthdaybaton book/diary,  which contains all previous recipients and people often message me with requests for friends and family ……. all of which go in the book.

I scour my Time-line, for any birthday mentions ……… there is no hiding from the  birthday-fairy.

We now  pass #anniversarybatons; #bonebatons (for dogs) , #catnipbatons (for cats), #weddingdaybatons, #bonvoyagebatons, …….. any celebration you can think of,  we will mention it on Twitter.

I must also mention the invaluable help I receive from the #birthdaybatoncrew …… a lovely group of people who give me a  ‘heads up’, if they notice any celebration tweets.

Someone once asked my why I do it and my answer was this ;

” For some people, a mention on Twitter may be all the acknowledgement they receive on their birthday.  So if I can make someone smile and maybe encourage a few of my followers to also send a greeting ….then its all worthwhile. “

Twitter can be a funny old place sometimes, with its ranty outbursts and miserable  ‘nay-sayers’.   But it can also be a comforting, caring place …..and that is the Twitter I love.

PS ….Today the #birthdaybaton went to British Columbia in Canada…………………..


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