A Photo a Day for 100 Days …….. Day 94


94 of 100

November the 5th …….

In the UK today is  ‘Bonfire night’ …..

This is the anniversary of an attempt to assassinate King James 1.   In 1605, a group of English Catholics conspired to assassinate the King and restore a Catholic monarch to the throne.

They placed explosives in the cellars beneath the House of Lords.  However, the authorities received an anonymous letter and, on November 5th, they made a detailed search of the Palace of Westminster and found the unfortunate Guy Fawkes, guarding the gunpowder.

Of course he was cruelly tortured and then dispatched in a particularly nasty way……. First he was hanged until almost dead, then, while still alive his intestines were cut out and finally his body was quartered …… but not before the poor chap had revealed the names of his fellow conspirators.

And so, since then, it has been a British tradition to celebrate the day by the lighting of bonfires, the burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes and huge displays of fireworks …………… and I HATE fireworks !!

In fact I dislike  ‘Bonfire Night’  in general.

But I have written about this before and will not bore you further.

So,  while the majority of the country will be out in the cold, frosty air of a November evening ….. Standing around bonfires and admiring the sparkling fireworks …………. I will be indoors, curtains drawn, heating on, admiring the sparkle of soft light on a glass of wine and the pretty glimmer of this beautiful, lilac knitting wool.

Yes….. I am knitting one of those  ‘snood’  type scarfs …… you know the ones ?  I haven’t got very much done as I only began it yesterday.

Come to think of it …….when its finished, it would be an ideal garment to wear while out in the chilly November air ……………



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3 Responses to A Photo a Day for 100 Days …….. Day 94

  1. Hello. This is a very pretty yarn you are using, please could you tell me what it is? It looks lovely and soft! Thanks, Jem


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