A Photo a Day for 100 Days …….. Day 82

82 of 100


Since the 1st of October the paper  ‘Tax Disc’  has been obsolete ….

Road tax is still payable, but we no longer have to display  ‘proof of payment’  in the windscreens of our vehicles.  We can pay on-line or at a Post Office, but we will not receive a small  circular  ‘receipt’ ……..

 The ubiquitous  ‘Computer Data-bank’  contains all the information  and the authorities, of course, can check up on us with the press of a key on their hand-held devices ……… more  ‘Big-Brother is watching’ ………

And so,  at the beginning of this month, all across the UK people gleefully ripped the little coloured discs from their cars and threw them away ……….or did they ?

Yesterday I was in a large shopping centre car-park.  There were , literally, hundreds of cars and at least 50% of the vehicles were still displaying the Tax Disc ……. I wonder why …….

Are people resistant to change ?

Do some people still not realise that the law has changed ?

Is it simply an over-sight ?

Or, are they like me and think …… ” I paid for the flipping thing so I will damn well display it !”  …………


PS  Thank you for the kind  ‘get well’  messages following my post yesterday.  My shoulder is still very painful and I am rather  ‘zonked’ out on painkillers and lack of sleep……. but I’m sure it will improve soon.  Take care dear readers …. xx

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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