A Photo a Day for 100 Days ……. Day 70


70 of 100

Have you ever thought about the sheer persistence of ivy ?

Its everywhere, isn’t it.

Tenaciously clinging to any available surface; seemingly with no visible means of support.

Determined; dogged; pertinacious; it tumbles over walls and fences.  It climbs trees; forever reaching upwards, staunch and sure.

No matter what the weather, it adheres to bare mortar.  Sometimes gales and heavy rain rip it from brickwork and, for a while, the ivy falters a little; unsure and adrift.

But soon, with obstinacy and persistence, new tendrils are sent out, new connections made, gaps repaired.


And so it is with true friendship……………

It withstands the harshest of conditions………………..

……………………… that’s what love is all about.

IMG01929-20141009-1430    IMG01941-20141010-1324


About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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