Serendipity* and Hair Accessories


I think I must have the worst type of hair in the world !

Fine, wispy, slightly wavy and not very thick …….. it has always been a constant battle to achieve the  ‘look’  I want.

I have tried short hair; but its not  ‘me’; my hair is too fine to get the lift and volume I need without  back-combing the life out of it and damaging it beyond repair.  So now its almost waist-length and I usually wear it pinned up in a messy  ‘up-do’  or a loose pony-tail.

However,  I have to use dozens of  bobby-pins because I have never found a clip, barrette or clamp that holds my hair properly. They all slide out, due to the lack of volume of hair ………. its as though they have no  ‘grip’. Or else they scrape my hair back from my face so tightly that I can hardly blink, I hate that . Also,  they invariably have sharp edges and so many strands are pulled and ripped out ……… something I certainly don’t need.

And then, as if by magic,  everything suddenly changed……………………

I have been following the lovely people at on Twitter, for a long time. Exchanging tweets and chatting …… but never really thinking about the  ‘hair’  side of things …….. I was resigned to the fact that hair accessories were not for me.

But the wonderful Libby told me to fill in the online questionnaire and then she would be able to offer advice on the best items for my hair type…………..  Of course I was sceptical ……

Oh  ‘me-of-little-faith’ !

The very next day I received this …..


And I knew was special the moment I opened the package …………..


And there……. nestled inside; carefully wrapped in layers of pristine tissue; were these beautiful objects ………


It was like Christmas !!!

And I realised that a company who took such care with Customer Service and packaging, must have very special products ……

So, what did Libby recommend ? ………. Well ……..



This is an absolutely beautiful hair clamp.  The quality and finish is simply fabulous …..not one sharp edge to pull at my delicate locks.


A strong clamp that closes very closely so that even the thinnest, finest, wispiest hair is held securely, without any discomfort. I wore this for hours and it held my hair in any style I chose.  In fact it was so comfortable that I completely forgot about it.

IMGP0017                         IMGP0026

At last ……. I have finally found my ideal ……. my perfect hair clamp !  And the colours blended so well with my hair ……don’t you agree ?



Well…………. I have never used a hair fork, or, in fact, anything like it and I really doubted that such a simple item would hold my hair ……. at least, not without a handful of hair-pins, too.


But, oh how wrong I was to question the marvellous Libby ……….


This is the most perfect accessory for finer hair !

I love it and most definitely need another one  (at least )

It held my hair so securely …..all on its own …… with no need for extra pins !  Even when I put my hair in a much looser bun …….. Yes !!!!  No more need, with either of these items, for the dreaded severe  ‘scraped-back’ style !


And, once again, it is so beautifully made that there wasn’t a single pulled or ripped tress !

So……. Would I recommend ? ………

That is a great big YES !!

Apart from the elegant, sophisticated, high quality products …… in a wide range of styles and colours; both classic and fun …… the customer service is amazing.

The fabulous people at STONE-BRIDGE help every step of the way, in choice of accessory; colour; size etc.  Their website is easy to use and there are lots of informative videos to inspire and aid in the use of items.

If you care about your hair, as I do, pop onto their website and check out the cornucopia of beautiful things.

*Serendipity ……. “a pleasant surprise”……” an accidental, happy discovery”

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One Response to Serendipity* and Hair Accessories

  1. Beautiful, utterly beautiful. And the accessories don’t look bad either.


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