A Photo a Day for 100 Days ……….. Day 36



36 of 100

Wow, today is Day 36 of my challenge.

That’s three  dozen photos !

Isn’t it funny how many things are grouped in units of 12 ?

Eggs, obviously, are perhaps the first things that spring to mind.  But here are a few more …….. some may be familiar, others maybe not so common;

12 months in a year,

The 12 Days of Christmas.

12 Apostles,

A dozen roses, red or otherwise,

12 members of a jury,

12 inches in a foot, (measurement)

12 pennies in a shilling,

12 is a  ‘sublime’ number (mathematics)

12 signs of the Zodiac,

12 Labours of Heracles,

12 pairs of ribs in the human body,

12 face cards in a deck of playing cards,

12 people have walked on the moon, 

12 basic hues in the Colour Wheel.

I’m sure there are many more; perhaps you can think of some …………..





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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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