A Photo a Day for 100 Days ……………. Day 19

IMG01511-20140808-1538 (1)


19 of 100

I’m not terribly ‘ techy’-minded. Oh, I can get by, with a little help from my best friend.

 I can, at least, use a computer to ‘ blog’ and do other bits and pieces; play video games, use social net-working sites and  ‘surf the net’.

I understand some of the terminology …………. I know the difference between  ‘download’ and ‘ upload’.  I know that ‘Google’,  ‘Bing’ and   ‘DuckDuckGo’  are search-engines and I know about  Linux, and Microsoft,  ‘dashboards’, Captcha and  ’emoticons’.

But as for how things work; how to write a program and all the really geeky stuff ……. that is way beyond me.  I haven’t a clue about  ‘gigaflop’ and  RADCAB.  No idea what the heck a  ‘gibbyte’ or  ‘pebibyte’  is. And if you mention  Active-Matrix or Quad-core, you may as well be speaking Mandarin. 

But ……… I can proudly say one thing ……………………. At least my nail polish matches the colour of my Netbook !!!!


In case you are interested; my nail polish is OPI  ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’  and my computer is an ASUS  netbook.


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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One Response to A Photo a Day for 100 Days ……………. Day 19

  1. So modest! I kind of think I am a bit techy-minded but have no idea what a dashboard is (in computers). And what is this Google thing everyone and their Grandma’s going on about? DuckDuckGo FTW!

    Beautiful colours in here, Rosie.


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