A Photo a Day for 100 Days ……………. Day 16



16 of 100

We are decorating the hall. 

Painting the walls and ceiling, to be exact. 

And, of course, this has caused more than its fair share of problems.  Isn’t amazing how, sometimes, even the simplest tasks create the most chaos ?

All rooms lead off the hall, so …….. no matter where the steps and the area with the wettest paint happens to be…….. you can bet your bottom dollar its where you simply must  go, to retrieve some item that has suddenly become desperately important. 

A heavy chest of drawers, that hasn’t been moved for a year, reveals more dust beneath it than a drought in the mid-west of the USA. This dust, in turn, inexplicably flies into the air; coming to rest on the still-tacky, white-gloss-painted door frames, resulting in a most unusual  ‘stippled’  effect. 

No matter how careful I am, I somehow succeed in brushing against the wet paint ……but only when I am wearing my most expensive or favourite outfits ……..and I never notice until I am out in public !

My dog, who is old and usually perfectly content to sleep all day, suddenly becomes an animated, puppy-like, heap of hairy Afghan Hound; bounding about and pushing her way past every wet surface.  She is now destined to spend the next week or two sporting rather fetching streaks of blue and white in her long dark coat.

The huge bookcase needs to be moved, so has to be emptied of books and I can never seem to replace them exactly how they were.  Some have to be laid sideways, on top of the neat rows and I am forever dissatisfied with the untidy result.

And then there is the bit of wall you miss ……..the paint doesn’t quite cover the shade underneath. But, naturally, this isn’t noticed until everything is finished; the dregs of paint have been thrown away; the last paintbrush has been washed; the steps returned to the shed and hands scrubbed free of stains. 

The Law of Sod really does apply in home decorating ……………..



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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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