A Photo a Day for 100 Days ………. Day 15

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15 of 100

Last week there was a news item that I found very interesting.

Apparently, the sale of newspapers and magazines is in decline.  The report stated that people are now getting all their news online.  Fewer magazines are being sold, because they are all available on the internet.  It seems that no-one wants  ‘hard-copy’ any more. 

Well, this may be true of newspapers ………. but just look at this photo, taken today, of the magazine aisle in my local supermarket !

The whole aisle is full of every publication you could wish ………. and on every subject too !

Along with the usual,  glossy,  ‘high fashion’  ladies mags such as  ” Vogue” and ” Marie Claire”;  the  ‘celebrity gossip’  and the general  ” Good Housekeeping”  type of magazines, there were the following ;

Men’ Fitness, football and golf. Magazines on cars, motorbikes, caravans and camping. Computing, gaming, technology and all types of music.

Puzzle books and crosswords and the ubiquitous Sudoku.  Model-making, railways, gardening and hiking.  Children’s comics, for every age from toddler to teen.  TV listings, free-ads, car prices and  “Which”.

Magazines about dogs, cats, horses and other furry pets.

Fish and fishing, hairdressing and beauty. Cooking and recipe publications, enough to make a different meal, every day for the rest of your life.    Knitting, sewing and every paper-craft you could think of ………… the list could go on and on………. but I think you get the idea. 

I believe that the good old magazine is as popular as ever it was.  The internet is all very well; an excellent tool for research and finding information quickly.  But nothing beats curling up on the sofa with a cup or glass of whatever takes your fancy and your favourite magazine. …………  

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