A Photo a Day for 100 Days ………… Day 11


11 of 100


Today, 14th August 2014, is my beautiful grand-daughter, Caitlin’s birthday.

She is 16 years old and I can’t believe how the years have flown. I know that everyone says that, don’t they ? But its true. 

It doesn’t seem so long ago that she was a smiley, happy little toddler, clinging to my hand as we wandered around the shops in York. 

She regularly stayed with me and I used to love taking her out and about; she was always such a delight. Well behaved, with beautiful manners and a sunny disposition. 

And that is how she is today.  She still comes to stay, though not as often, but we always have fun and I am enormously proud of her. 

No doubt she will question my choice of photograph.  She is without her usual, carefully applied make-up and, like all girls of her age, her  ‘selfies’  show her with a well-practiced  ‘pout’. 

But this is how I see her. 

A lovely, natural, smiling girl, who makes the world a better place with her presence.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLIN ……. I hope you have a wonderful day !!


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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