A Photo a Day for 100 Days …………. Day 9


9 of 100

I’m certainly no expert on plants and wildlife. I don’t even know what a  ‘biome’  is …… well I do, but only vaguely.  All I do is tend my many flower tubs and feed the birds. 

However, the latter is becoming a little expensive, to say the least !

I started with nets of peanuts for the little Blue Tits and Coal Tits that nest in the trees that surround my garden. They were a pretty sight as, along with Siskins and a Robin or two, they clung to the netting and chirped merrily as they pecked at the food. 

But soon the squirrels noticed.  

Faster than a ” Red Star parcel”, the word went round and net after net was holed.  I watched, aghast, as the peanuts poured to the ground and were  ‘squirreled’  away !

With the best of motives, I tried a different type of feeder. Those wire mesh ones that, I thought, could not be chewed. I was wrong !!

Soon they were ridden with holes as the squirrels pulled and twisted the wires and, once again, the birds went hungry. 

Now I like squirrels, but their greed was alarming. It soon became clear that peanuts were no longer an option. So I decided to invest in some  ‘fat-ball’ and  ‘suet block’  feeders. 

For a week or so this worked perfectly. Sammy Squirrel could still nibble at the food but the small birds could also enjoy the treats. I loved watching them, from my kitchen window, as they flocked around the old tree-stump that I use as a  ‘bird-table’.  I even placed a shallow water dish on a nearby wall and laughed as the occasional bather fluttered and splashed.  

All was peaceful and serene once more. 

Then, one morning, I woke to a terrific noise.  Chirping and squawking and much fluttering of iridescent-feathered wings.  Starlings had discovered the food. 

Smaller, more timid bird, now dare not venture near.

The Starlings cannon into each other and fight and peck, viciously as they clamour round the tree.  The chattering, clattering, congregation ranges far and wide and relates the location of the bounty to other noisy flocks.

 The suet balls and blocks are gone in a flash.

Today’s photo shows the 4  ‘fat-balls’  that were put out at 10 am.  

This is all that remains of a tub of 50 balls and a pack of 12 blocks ………… bought just a week ago !!

I think that this  ‘Bird Restaurant’  may have to be  ‘ Closed Until Further Notice’ …………………….. 

Today I have used my  ‘Photo a Day’  challenge as my entry for this weeks  ‘Countdown Word Game’  ……… details of this can be found on Matt’s Blog at http://miblodelcarpio.blog.co.uk

This week the words to be used are ;


Why don’t you try the challenge ?  Its great fun !

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One Response to A Photo a Day for 100 Days …………. Day 9

  1. Oh wow! How lovely to see your balls and hear about your tits, et al. Very skilful killing of two birds with one stone there, Rosie. But fifty suet balls and twelve blocks gone in a week‽ We had one pair of balls hanging in our garden for nigh on a month with nary a sign of a single customer, let alone a whole flock of spectacular starlings.

    Now if you could photograph your starlings in flight that’d make a great entry in your series.


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