Handbag Addiction ……….. ( Day 29 of NaBloPoMo )



My name is Rosie and I am a handbag addict !

Yes, its true ……. I have loved handbags since I was a very young child. 

One of my very earliest memories …….. something I am sure of;  something no-one has ever told me ……… is of my father returning on leave from military service in Egypt.  He stayed on in the Army,  after World War II and was stationed in Cairo for a while. 

He must have returned late at night, because I know I was in bed.  I guess I must have been about 3;  possibly 4;  but certainly no older.  My sister Gillian was still a toddler and my sister Carole was not even born, so I can pin-point it fairly accurately.

Anyway, I recall a figure creeping into the bedroom where Gill and I were sleeping.  I can remember the sound of whispered voices and someone bending and kissing me, then leaving something at the foot of my bed, before creeping over to Gill’s cot.  I was half asleep but desperate to know what had been left for me and so I scrambled to look as soon as the figure  left the room.

It was a handbag !!! I could feel it, but couldn’t quite make out any details. The bedroom door was slightly ajar but the landing light was quite dim and so I silently slipped back into my bed, clutching my present and fell asleep.

Next morning I was able to examine my gift.  It was a tiny, child-sized,  tan leather,  shoulder-bag, with a beautiful carved and painted scene of camels at an oasis on the front.  I can still picture it.  I loved it and carried it around everywhere.

Sadly, the bag has been lost, somewhere in the past.  It is a source of great regret and I wish I had been blessed with the benefit of hindsight and kept it safe.  But, children are children and we are careless.  We never envisage getting old enough to desire some tangible reminders of our youth. But one thing that has remained is my love for handbags.

I have so many that I dare not count them. Even after giving many away when I down-sized my home, I still have far more than many people would consider reasonable. 

I have bags in every shape, size and colour.  Bags for every season and every occasion.  Leather bags, canvas bags, cotton bags and sequinned bags. 

Bags from little market-stalls, and high street chains. Designer bags from Selfridges and other smart stores.  Bags from  Gucci, Francesco Biasia , Cochinelle,  Radley,  Mulberry,  Charlie Lapson;  I could go on and on, but I won’t.


I don’t know why I love bags so much, but I do know that they give me great pleasure. I enjoy the act of changing bags to suit my outfit; much to the consternation of my companions  ,as they sigh and wait until I’m sure I have the perfect one.

Yes, I am a handbag addict …………. incurable but happy in my addiction. I’m sure there are worse things in this life.




This is the bag I am using today, it is one of my favourites.  It is a Luella  ‘Baby Giselle’. 

I’m a hopeless case !!!


About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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