Iconic Images ……… ( Day 23 of NaBloPoMo )


There are few, if any, more iconic images of Britain than the wonderful red,  GPO,  telephone boxes.  Unfortunately, they have almost all been replaced by the ubiquitous, horridly bland, metal and glass British Telecom  ‘cubicles’.

In fact, in many towns, it is very difficult to find a public phone box; so many people have mobile-phones.

This wonderful picture of FIVE lovely phone boxes, resplendent in their red paintwork, hangs on my bathroom wall.  A constant reminder of a lovely old design.

And here is another iconic image. Although, I admit, not as famous as the red version.


This is a photo of the WHITE  phone box that stands on the edge of our Village Green.

I live in the  ‘HU’ postcode area and all telecommunications are under the control of  Kingston Communications. They have a monopoly in this area and  the phone boxes etc. are painted in their own colours.

Now, I do not wish to discuss whether or not I agree with monopolies  ( I don’t )  but I have to admit that their phone boxes are cool !

The image of the red phone boxes is widely available. I believe the location is near the Fielding Hotel in London’s Covent Garden area.

The image of the white phone box was photographed by me. The location is Skidby Village, East Yorkshire.


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2 Responses to Iconic Images ……… ( Day 23 of NaBloPoMo )

  1. Love the red telephone box image!
    I have tagged you for a blog award here:

    – KK 🙂


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