Nature’s Carpet ……… ( Day 21 of NaBloPoMo )


Yesterday  I walked through the village to buy some eggs from the farm.  There is a cute little  ‘egg hut’  on the fence, which is stocked daily with cartons of  lovely, fresh, free-range eggs and you pop your money into a little  ‘honesty-box’ !

I love the fact that the farmer trusts the villagers and also that we,  the villagers, are so trustworthy !

After I had purchased a dozen, brown eggs, I wandered across the Village Green, chatting to a friend on my mobile phone.  I was engrossed in the conversation and, as we laughed and gossiped I strolled along the path towards some bushes. Then, as I rounded a corner, I saw this glorious sight and just HAD to capture it.  Leaving my dear friend hanging ‘on the line’, I fiddled about, switching my phone onto  ‘camera mode’.

The resulting photo is not very good …………. the light was bad because I was shaded by trees and was hurrying because I was standing in the way of dog-walkers and a hiker. It certainly doesn’t do justice to the spectacle.  But I hope it gives you some idea of the glorious carpet that was spread out before me.

I passed the same spot, early this morning and saw that the leaves have all been blown away.

I’m so glad that I  photographed it when I had the chance.


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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