Two-thirds of the way …………. (Day 20 of NaBloPoMo )




Gosh, its the 20th of November ! That means I have done 20  NaBloPoMo  blog posts !!  I am two-thirds of the way to completing the challenge !

This both pleases and astounds me. I have never undertaken anything like this since I began blogging, over two years ago.

 I began this challenge  with my usual rush of excitement and enthusiasm, but then,  after three or four posts, reality set in and I realised just what I had let myself in for.

But, I have got this far with a mixture of stories, personal posts and silly poems and I am determined to see it through to the end ………..and beyond !

 Throughout these last 20 days, I have had you, dear reader,  by my side.  Encouraging me with  ‘likes ‘ and comments and  ‘follows’  and I am very grateful for this.  Thank you all !   I have made some lovely new friends, too …….. the blogging community is like a huge, extended family.  I have read many wonderful blogs and began by feeling rather inadequate and amateurish; I felt that my writing had no worth when compared with the fantastically well written stories and articles on other blogs. But, the fact that so many of you have read my little blog and been so kind has made me realise that we  ALL have something relevant to say. 

And so I boldly go on ……. here’s to the next 10 days of  NaBloPoMo !  Are you with me ? …………… erm,  I can’t hear you …….. Oh, you are ?  Great !!!!


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