Frosty with a risk of snowballs ………… ( Day 17 0f NaBloPoMo )

The TV  weather-girl cheerfully forecasts SNOW in some areas of the UK next week !

Well, I’m not sure I believe that we will wake up to a blanket of the old  “deep and crisp and even“, but I’m certain that the weather must begin to get colder soon.

Here, in my part of East Yorkshire, we have positively  BASKED in glorious sunshine all Summer.  But if the cold snap is due, I really must get my behind off this chair and do a few  ‘outdoor’ things !

The unseasonably warm Autumn has meant that I am woefully late tidying up pots and tubs and hanging baskets. In fact, there are  lots of plants that are still flowering now……… in the middle of November !  

However, a couple of nights ago, we actually had a sudden frost. Car windscreens were white when I opened the bedroom curtains, but half an hour of early-morning sunshine soon took care of that.  Nevertheless, a few of the potted plants suffered. Plump-leaved Bizzie-lizzies ( Impatiens ) collapsed and resembled melted lettuce and the poor trailing Petunias disintegrated.

So, today I must don my colourful, stipey wellies and get out there. 

Some people spend hours, emptying the pots;  composting the old plants;  bagging up the soil;  then washing all the pots with a mixture of  Jeyes Fluid and hot water.  They empty the hanging baskets and stack them, with the washed and dried pots, neatly in a shed or greenhouse.  Russet, fallen leaves are swept from paths and lawns and tender perennials are protected with some sort of mulch or fibre blanket.  Greenhouses and cold-frames are also washed and sterilised and garden tools sharpened and cleaned.  These people have paths that are free of moss and hedges that are clipped to within an inch of their lives. Their tubs and borders are, even as I type this, being planted with bulbs, to ensure a stunning display when Spring arrives.  These organised gardeners are an inspiration. 

However, I am not Alan Titchmarsh,  Rachel de Thame or even Charlie Dimmock.  So I will pull out anything that looks dead; cut back anything that seems to be overgrown;  gather up any rubbish and bin it. Then I will drag the tubs to the shelter of the back of the shed and hope for the best.



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