Beauty ………….. ( Day 16 of NaBloPoMo )




Today I post this photo of a beautiful Chinese Peony.  

I grew this gorgeous shrub at my home in Fixby and, sadly, had to leave it behind when we moved. In fact, I had to leave a lot behind .  So many things changed that day ……………

My family; once a compact unit, was spread across the country and, for a while, everything seemed strange and  sad.

But we are resilient and now we have all made our new lives blossom like this beautiful flower. We are  happy in our new surroundings, jobs and schools.

Today was a difficult day  ( see yesterday’s post ) and I needed to be reminded that we can make it through adversity;  that even the saddest times don’t last forever …………….. though we may not think that at the time.  I’m sure this beautiful shrub still goes on flowering and we will get through this and bloom again, too. 


About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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3 Responses to Beauty ………….. ( Day 16 of NaBloPoMo )

  1. Cheri says:

    We are always told, “change is good” … sometimes, change doesn’t feel or look so good … and then I realized that is because I was still looking at the things that have “changed” through the eyes of how it used to be vs through the eyes of how I can see it can be. Great post. You probably need a hug too so {{{hugs}}}


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