Good Luck ………………..( Day 9 of NaBloPoMo )




I am not in the least bit superstitious; don’t have a single belief in prophesies or voodoo. 

I recklessly walk under ladders; gleefully open umbrellas indoors and cross knives on tables.  I have never counted magpies;  worried about black cats or the number 13.  To me, it is all silly nonsense.  

However, I realise that many people do have these beliefs and concerns.  Some of my friends are extremely superstitious and that is fine. Each to their own and its not for me to question them.

And so, with that in mind, I post this photo of a four-leaf clover. 

My daughter-in-law gave me this pretty leaf , she had found a clump of clover that contained five or six of these little rarities.  I keep the leaf pressed between the pages of a very special notebook that accompanies me wherever I go.  It reminds me of a particular time in my childhood.

 I lived much of my early life in Guisborough,  in rural North Yorkshire.  Myself and my siblings were free to wander around the fields and meadows and play in woods and beside cool, tinkling streams . I gathered wild flowers and frogs-spawn and made daisy chains; which I wore on my head like a fairy queen.  But, one year, I discovered a strange and wonderful thing.  It must have been a freak year for clover, because it seemed that the four-leafed  variety was everywhere.  In fact, that year, it was more difficult to find the common three-leafed kind.  I have never come across that anomaly since;  though I have looked through many clover patches.  So,  when my daughter-in-law gave the clover leaf to me and told me of the fortuitous discovery, I  was immediately transported back to my blissful childhood and all the happy memories. 

Anyway, it is a charming little leaf and I post the photo here to wish those of you who do believe “GOOD LUCK” in all you do today !


As I type this, a thought occurs ……………….. if I carry this little token for sentimental reasons, does that make me a little superstitious, after all ?


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