Countdown Word Game…………………….. (Day 5 of NaBloPoMo)

I began blogging just over two years ago, after being pushed and bullied into it by my two lovely friends, Lucy and Matt.  We first met up on Twitter ( they are @LucyMJG  and @miblo_   ) and we seemed to ‘click’ immediately. We share the same interests and wickedly mischievous sense of humour and now I can’t imagine a time when they were not part of my life.

Anyway, Matt had been blogging for years and had even devised a very clever Word Game. He is a Countdown addict and watches the programme daily. However, every Monday, he posts his Scorecard on his blog and also the words that he has found in the jumble of vowels and consonants that day. These words must be incorporated into a story, article…..whatever. The only rule is that they must all be used.

So, for the past two years I have been taking part in Matt’s Word Game. A story every week for over two years !  Wow !  Well………….when I say “every week”  I must confess that  I have missed a few. Sometimes I have been too busy, other times I have just lacked inspiration and Monday has loomed over me like some ogre; threatening and demanding. On those days I have often tried to counter my lack of inspiration by  taking a walk.  Crunching through Autumn  leaves that littered the paving slabs. Watching the birds that follow the local farmer as he harrows his field before the Spring sowing . Just taking a break; a  pause in my busy day; a time to recharge my batteries.

Quite often this works and I return to my netbook, refreshed and full of ideas. In the two years that I have been taking part in this Word game , I have written stories…………both for adults and for children.  I have done ‘free-writes’ ………. my thoughts spilling out  in a rush; tumbling across the page,  all higgledy-piggledy and as far removed from a formal ‘oration’ as you can get.  I have written silly poems  and personal memories and lots and lots of nonsense.

” So”, I can hear you asking, ” what is the problem ?”

Well, Matt is an English Language and English Literature Graduate and as smart as anyone I have ever known. He has a phenomenal vocabulary and comes up with words that are often very difficult to slot into a story.  I usually manage, but, because I am doing NaBloPoMo, I don’t have time to linger over a story for a few days, writing and re-writing,  I must publish something every day.  Of course, given more time, I could certainly write a piece that contains such words as ‘amortised’, ‘heisting’, pokier and  ‘detonate’ , but, for the moment, this will have to do.

This is my entry for this week’s Word Game and contains the words;


If you would like to take part in Matt’s Word game, you can find details and examples of previous stories etc on his blog at

You can find Lucy at

My other blogs are at and

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4 Responses to Countdown Word Game…………………….. (Day 5 of NaBloPoMo)

  1. Wow! You have to write something every single day? hats off to you Rosie!! Love your cheating countdown word game and NaBloPoMo (what the heck does that stand for??) combo piece! and thank you so much for the kind words and plug!! Love you babe x x x x x


  2. Haha! Sooo crafty… I love it! By the way, your vocabulary far outstrips mine, Rosie. When we play Lexulous (an online implementation of Scrabble, folks), you come out with words that I couldn’t even make up, let alone know! Outstripping is what you do best, though…


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