Southern Exposure

I have quite a comprehensive wardrobe, in fact I have far too many clothes. However, most of them are old……. Bought years ago when finances were, erm…. somewhat healthier than they are today !! But, because I bought well-made, high-end garments and also because I look after my clothes, they look almost as good as new and I tend to forget how ancient they really are. I tell you this because I don’t want you to think that I walk around dressed like some old ‘bag-lady’ or eccentric old hippy !

Anyway, yesterday, I had to do a huge supermarket shop. It was a glorious day; very warm and sunny and I was dressed in a loose cotton top and Betty Barclay, long, denim skirt. The skirt must be at least 15yrs old and is one of my favourite garments, being a combination of smart and casual. The top covers my hips, thankfully. You will understand why I say “thankfully” in a few moments.

So, off I went to my local ‘Morrison’s’, which is a large ‘superstore’ just outside Beverley. It was very busy and I strolled up and down every aisle, choosing my purchases. After going through the checkout, I strolled back to the car, in the glorious sunshine, through a very busy car-park.

Back home, the dreaded ‘unpacking and putting away’ began. I was reaching into cupboards, with my back to OH when he said,

” I think you should go and change your skirt. You have a bit of a split in that one.”

And, sure enough, he was correct ! But a “bit of a split” was certainly an understatement. There was a huge split from my waist to my knees ! My beloved skirt had finally decided to come apart at the seams !

I had been walking around in Morrison’s with my bare legs and, no doubt, my knickers, on show !
The one saving grace was that my top was fairly long. And, thank goodness, I was wearing lovely, pretty, lace trimmed, lilac knickers and not huge Bridget Jones type ‘big pants’ in one of those horrid beige colours, that make you look as though you are naked !

I was mortified ! Had everyone noticed ? I don’t remember seeing any strange looks. Could it be that people are so used to seeing semi-naked bodies and weird clothes, that I appeared quite normal ?

I am over it now….nothing I can do and I can see the funny side. Just hope I don’t turn up in the ‘Daily Mail’ or one one of those ‘Candid Camera’ programmes though !

PS I hope I can repair my skirt……….I need to get a bit more wear out of it yet !

About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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