QV SKINCARE REVIEW ……. Results and Observations after One Week

As you may know, I am testing a range of QV Skincare products

The range of products that I am trying have been developed for all dry-skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.  QV Skincare use Glycerol, which is non-greasy, something which makes so many other creams unpleasant and inconvenient to use.

I suffer from a type of eczema on the palms of my hands and the rest of my skin is generally dry and sensitive. I have been using the products, exclusively, for a week now and present my observations on each product below.

QV Gentle Wash

This is a foaming cleanser and I have been using it as a hand-wash.  I think it could also be used as a shower-wash, or used in the bath..

I like this product, it is pleasant to use and my hands do not feel itchy afterwards;  as they often do with other hand-wash brands.

QV Bath Oil

I am always wary, when using oils in the bath. I seem to come out looking and feeling like an oil slick. Also, the bath is usually coated in oil, making it very dangerous.  Not so with QV Bath Oil !  It dispersed easily in the water and there was no oil floating on the surface. My skin felt smooth and moisturised, with no ‘after-bath’ dryness and there was no residue left on the surface of the bath.  After a week of using this oil, my skin feels absolutely wonderful, especially when I combine it with …..

QV Skin Lotion

I love this lotion ! It is wonderfully luxurious to use and moisturises my skin instantly, with no trace of greasiness. I would happily don a silk dress, immediately after using this and have no fear of oily or greasy marks on the fabric.  This lotion can also be used to remove make-up, which is very helpful for dry, sensitive skin.  I shall be purchasing this product, along with the Bath Oil.

QV Cream

This is another product I shall definitely purchase.

It is a lovely, rich cream, but not too thick, making it extremely pleasant to use. I liked the fact that my skin remained soft and supple for long periods of time,  I was rather concerned that I wasn’t giving the products a ‘real’ test, as my skin had improved so much after the first day of using them.  However, on Wednesday, a sore, itchy patch developed on the side of one of my fingers. I immediately applied this cream and the soreness and itchiness disappeared.  Two days later, the patch had also disappeared !  I call that an excellent result !

This cream can be applied as often as required, as can all of the QV Skincare range. I have used it on my face, neck, decolletage, in fact, everywhere. The consistency would make it easy to use on the most reluctant of children. I really love this cream …….. i consider it to be a  ‘Hero’ product !

QV Intensive Cream

I am not as enthusiastic about this cream as I am about the other products. Oh, it is an excellent cream and  ‘melts’  into the skin, instantly. I’m sure it will be ideal for extremely dry skin conditions. However, I found that, because the other products had done such a good job, my skin didn’t really need it  and it felt rather too ‘oily’ !  I think this cream will be very useful for a sudden breakout, it is very soothing and will probably come into its own in the Winter months, to alleviate all the chapped skin conditions caused by cold and icy winds.

I will certainly be recommending all of the products to friends and family. One of my grandsons suffers from eczema and these creams will be ideal for him.

QV Skincare are dedicated to helping young sufferers of these distressing skin conditions.  They have a range of information booklets and, a wallchart and stickers too. The chart and stickers will be ideal for parents to use to encourage younger children to use the creams regularly.

As you can see, I am very enthusiastic about this skincare range.  Well done, QV Skincare !!

You can follow QV Skincare on Twitter ….. @QVSkincare_UK

You can browse and shop for products at http://www.crawfordhealthcare.com/skincare/qv/   If you use the code MUMMY13 you will receive 15% off the entire product range.


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  1. What an interesting post. I’m glad it worked for you too. I wrote a very similar review the day before yours. It’s great stuff.


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