I was feeling some elation,

We were nearing our salvation,

Though the beach still seemed a hundred miles away.

We were bruised and we were battered,

To be frank, we both were knackered

And had doubted we would make it through the day.

We had clambered up on board,

With a veritable hoard,

Of life-preservers, sheets and cleats and charts.

Because, crazy, it may seem,

We had both harboured a dream,

To leave these shores and sail to foreign parts.

But, instead of gently sailing,

I had spent the whole day, baling.

‘Cos I’m sure the boat had, somehow, sprung a leak.

I could not see the pleasure

In drowning, at my leisure.

Though I’m sorry if that makes me sound a freak.

The wind had not abated,

We really should have waited,

Before attempting such a voyage as this.

We were not such able sailors,

Used to trawlers and huge whalers,

Though Ben still relives the time he caught a fish !

The water was so choppy,

That Ben’s hands became all floppy

And he lost an oar, so round and round we went.

I tried to reach the oar,

But it drifted to the shore.

Even though I pushed and pulled ’till I was spent.

On a big yacht, sat two hotties,

Wearing sunhats, shaped like potties

And a haughty, costive sneer upon their lips.

So, though our listing was alarming

I cried, in tones quite charming,

” Should we abandon ship, before it tips ?”

The relief made my brow sweaty,

When we made it to the jetty

And, exhaustedly, I commented to Ben,

” This boating I’m not hearting,

Next time, lets try karting !”

And the man called , “Times up ! Come in number ten !”

The above piece of nonsense is my entry for this week’s Countdown Word Challenge. This is a game that was invented by Matt Mascarenhas and details can be found on his blog page at

The object of the game is to write a story, article or anything  at all, as long as certain words are included in the text.

This week, the words to be included are;



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